After retiring from a career in business, Ken Renau turned to writing as an outlet for his wit and intelligence. He wrote an occasional feature column, "First Person", in the Courier-Journal from 1987-1998, and had articles published periodically in Louisville Magazine, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kentucky Monthly, and various health and sports magazines. Several of his published works can be read in the "Article Archive" of this website.



Ken Renau's personal interest in writing led to the creation of a scholarship fund under the auspices of the Renau Foundation. The Foundation has partnered with Louisville Magazineto implement the scholarship. The magazine runs a writing contest which is open to high school seniors in Louisville and surrounding counties. There are two contest categories, fiction and non-fiction, and there will be a winner selected for each. Each winner will receive a college scholarship of up to $5,000.00 per school year, renewable for up to four years.  Please see the attached Rules & Deadlines and Entry Form for more information!