The Renau Foundation’s Humanitarian Mission

Throughout his life, Ken was generous with his time and money and was particularly fond of helping those less fortunate than him.  The Renau Foundation was formed in part to advance this passion, as Ken directed that a large portion of his estate be utilized to   support existing charitable organizations which provide relief to the poor, distressed and/or underprivileged.  It was also important to Ken that his charitable giving not be wasted on a lot of bureaucracy and that the money would go as directly as possible to those he wanted to help.

The Renau Foundation and Habitat for Humanity

There are many excellent and worthwhile charitable organizations that fit the description of what the Renau Foundation is looking for.  After careful consideration, the Foundation’s board felt that making a charitable gift to Habitat for Humanity was a perfect match with the Foundation’s objectives.  In 2009, the Foundation made a commitment to make a gift of $1-Million to Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville, Inc., to be gifted over a five (5) year period.  In the fall of 2009, the Foundation gifted $250,000, and for the next four (4) years will provide $187,500 each year in matching funds sponsorship to support mixed income housing development, to positively impact Habitat for Humanity’s ability to develop homes for families in need and provide infrastructure to support future development. 

It will be exciting to witness the specific projects and programs that Habitat for Humanity is able to fund with this gift from the Renau Foundation. For more information on Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville, Inc., click here.

Salvation Army                              

During Ken Renau’s lifetime, he was a supporter of the Salvation Army, and in deciding where Foundation’s gifts could best be utilized to meet Ken’s objectives, the Salvation Army was an obvious choice.  The Renau Foundation is proud to announce that a gift of $10,000 was made in 2009 to the Louisville Chapter of the Salvation Army.

Prospective Charitable Organizations and Future Gifts

Any charitable organizations which are based in the metropolitan Louisville area and are designed to provide relief to the poor, distressed and/or underprivileged are encouraged to contact the Renau Foundation.  It is the Foundation’s hope that Ken’s generosity can truly help those in need and positively impact as many as possible.